Reiki and animal reiki

I studied Reiki Levels I, II and Master Practitioner/Teacher, with Reiki Evolution, a highly regarded training company who provide indepth training and support. I also trained in Animal Reiki Levels I and II before completing my Animal Reiki Masters (Practitioner and Teacher) Degree.

I have also completed additional reiki courses by other respected Masters, including rainforest reiki in 2016, to further my training and experience, as well as studying animal healing and communication books by renowned animal healing authors. 

Equine and canine reiki

I have studied both canine and equine behaviour and I have also been lucky enough to train specifically in Equine and Canine Reiki with Kathleen Prasad, the renowned Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher from the USA, and I specialise in Equine and Canine Reiki. Kathleen co-founded the not-for-profit corporation, SARA, (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) and The Remus Horse Sanctuary, near Ingatestone in Essex, was chosen to be the first SARA centre in the UK. I regularly volunteer to help the horses and animals at Remus with reiki and animal healing. SARA aims to boost adoption rates in shelters nationwide by reducing stress and supporting healing in homeless animals. The mission is achieved via a standardised rollout of animal reiki programs in shelters worldwide and the creation of an unprecedented global information resource for practitioners and facilities that assist animals in need.


As a SARA member, I subscribe to the Shelter Animal Reiki Association code of ethics. For more information on this please visit:

Happiness life coaching and life alignment (with energy healing and intuitive work)

As a qualified Happiness Life Coach and Energy Worker I also offer positive mindset and happiness coaching, specifically for the spiritually inclined. With a blend of practical techniques, listening therapy so you feel heard, using my intuition, energy healing and life alignment coaching, I can help you feel less worried, stuck and overwhelmed in your personal or business life.

I offer 1-2-1 Skype appointments or in person sessions around Essex, as well as one day "Happiness" workshops, in Essex.

Visit to learn more about my happiness coaching and workshops. If you love reiki you will love my life alignment and happiness coaching work - it will also help you get to know more about yourself and to learn to trust your intuition. If you are ready for change, contact me at

Oracle card readings

I have also obtained a Diploma as an Angel Card Reader, as accredited by The International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) and hold valid insurance. I am registered as a Member of The Spiritual Workers Association (SWA). To book a card or psychic reading or a spirit connection to loved ones, visit  here 

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