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Essex Reiki Healing - for you and your pets

* Relieve stress and anxiety * improve physical health * experience inner calm* boost energy and spirit levels
* improve wellbeing * and much more...

Online Animal Reiki Courses

  • Learn how to channel reiki to animals

  • Learn how to practice self-healing

  • Chakra work

  • Guided meditations

  • Distant attunements

  • Over 50 lessons of easy to follow content with diagrams, charts and quizzes

  • Learn animal communication

  • Understand your pets

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Learn Usui animal reiki online, at your own pace

Study in your own time but with email support as and when you need it! Learn how to offer reiki to yourself and your pets, deepen the bond between you, as well as be able to communicate with your pets. You will be attuned to reiki during this day and be able to offer reiki immediately to our animal models! 

Priced at £49, the course takes approximately 6-8 hours plus you will be required to complete case studies on two animals, to receive your Animal Reiki Practitioner Level I Certificate.

“Thank you for the Attunement - I don't know if it's normal but my face and hands tingle and I have a strange feeling in my stomach pleasant not horrid and whilst my eyes were closed I saw white lights moving around again quite pleasant. I look forward to going out to sit with Sam in the field tomorrow to see if he reacts differently to me.
....Also, Sam won't leave me along since I sat with him in the field, he always nuzzling me and he's started whinnying when he sees me too, most odd but very sweet. Thanks Jo, it's so interesting and as a matter of interest, do you teach the Level 2, as I would love to progress?"

Online Animal Reiki Level I student

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