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Essex Reiki Healing - for you and your pets

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Distant reiki sessions

How does it work?

Reiki works no matter the distance, you do not need to be in the same room as the person. Indeed, many of my distant reiki clients, who have had in-person treatments with me too, have found the distant reiki sessions stronger. Reiki is often different from session to session, so what you feel at one session may be different on another. 

I arrange for a mutually convenient time when the client will be able to relax and take up to an hour without distractions. Sessions are usually 30-40 minutes but it is wise to allow an hour and not to have the need to rush around afterwards. For this reason, Friday and Sunday evenings are popular times!

My blog on how to prepare for a distant reiki healing session gives you a detailed explanation of how to prepare and what to expect. In essence, it is much the same as an in-person session; just lay down and relax! 

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 Testimonial for animal reiki on Dobby (8 year old dog), performed remotely, by distant healing

“I went to Jo because I found out my Chihuahua Dobby had a tumour on a nerve in his spine. He's not even 9 yet. The vet recommended surgery but he wasn't offering promising results. Dobby was progressively struggling to walk on his back legs and he suffers badly from separation anxiety. So I approached Jo to try some reiki on him before his surgery to help him as much as possible. 

Jo started doing remote reiki on Dobby twice a week and within 2 weeks, he went for surgery. The vet said that if all goes well he could be home within 2 days but that wasn't likely and he would probably be home in 5, all going well. Lots of things could go wrong, he could be paralysed or struggle to use his bladder. Jo continued to do reiki on Dobby whilst he was recovering at the vet. The day after surgery the vet was amazed at how well Dobby had come through surgery and said that we could pick him up on the third day after surgery.

He could walk almost perfectly. Within a week he was almost back to his old self and within a month, he was like a puppy again. A physio said there wasn't much he could do for Dobby as he was almost as good as new. At the 4 week checkup with the Vet, the vet was amazed at his recovery. The cancer is going to grow back, but hopefully slowly. Jo is going to continue to support Dobby with distant reiki and I truly believe she has had a major impact on his recovery."


 Testimonials for distant reiki healing on people

“Thank you very much for the distant healing. I felt coldness on my left hand side but also have heat and a red left ear. I have a slight headache but will make sure I drink lots of water. I feel relaxed and hopefully more balanced. You are right on all accounts, I don't necessarily find it easy to totally relax, my mind seems to always be on the go. The anxiety is something new to me and I'm not happy about it as I'm not generally an anxious person. I look forward to meeting you next week."


“Thank you so much. I had a lot of pressure, particularly in my chest area and I burst into tears twice. I could feel you working straight away when I laid down at 6.45."


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