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Essex Reiki Healing - for you and your pets

* Relieve stress and anxiety * improve physical health * experience inner calm* boost energy and spirit levels
* improve wellbeing * and much more...

Distant reiki, with card and psychic readings

The services I offer are currently done remotely.

Distant reiki (30 mins)

Distant reiki, psychic reading and mini card reading (60 mins)

A mini card reading and psychic energy reading (30 mins)

After I have worked with your psychic energy, I will email details of the cards that came up for you
as well as your personal psychic reading and any messages from Spirit. I have found clients like to refer back to cards and messages, as often during a reading, I am looking ahead. 

“The cards were really spot on and accurate to a situation which had occurred 24 hours earlier and was still occurring! The pyschic connection Jo tapped into with my husband was uncannily spot on, using exact words and vocab which had literally come out of my husband's mouth! Very astute reading of the situation in question and it was really useful to have some clarity on a situation and to back up my intuition I was already feeling about it."

Emma, Southampton

“Thanks for help, reiki and cards of course. The cards are accurate. I have to say that after the session I feel much more positive. So I have to say "thank you" once more."


“I had Reiki before but was hesitant to try the distance healing session. But then I realized that I had nothing to lose by going to a session. I was nervous at first and unsure of the outcome. However, I felt amazing after my first session with Jo. She made me feel at ease. After my session I felt that my energy levels had risen and I was more excited about the future. Angel cards also answered my questions as I was feeling anxious about the future. I would recommend working with Jo to anyone and everyone!"

Mrs S, Northampton

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