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Working with distant reiki for animals

My Animal Reiki Level II students are required to complete a distant healing assessment on some animal case studies to achieve their qualification. This involves an in-person session with the animal initially to get feedback on how they received the reiki.

The relevant human is present during this live session so they can see how their pet reacts to the reiki. Notes are taken by the student and they also incorporate the teachings of animal communication, which are part of the syllabus too.

Then the student and animal owner book a distant reiki session for the pet. The relevant human is asked to be present to monitor the distant session and to give feedback on what they saw the animal do, and how it behaved, during the session.

On every occasion, with different pets, breeds and owners – similarities are reported (to all my students) between the live and distant healing sessions which the animal owners witnessed with their pet on both occasions.

Often the owners also reported feeling the energy change within the room during the session; they felt as if they were receiving reiki too, mentioning feeling calm and relaxed and enjoying the session too.

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