Reiki distant healing session

For those who are short on time or prefer to have a session in the comfort of their own home, a 30 minute distant healing session is perfect for a top-up in between longer or regular sessions. 

Once payment is received you will be emailed to choose your preferred session time. Please contact to check availability.

PRICE: £15 (30 mins)

Mini oracle card reading plus a distant healing session

As above but after the distant healing I will do a mini 3 card Oracle card reading for you. You will also receive an email detailing what the Oracle cards have revealed for you, along with my personal insight and intuition too. 

Choose your card deck from my collection and ask a question - or let my intuition guide me as to what you need to know at that time.

Upon payment I will email you to help you prepare for your distant healing and card reading session.

Email to check availability and your appointment will be confirmed once payment is received.

PRICE: £25 (45 - 60 mins)

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Qualified as an Angel Oracle Card Reader as accredited by The International Association of Therapists (IAOTH). Member of The Spiritual Workers Association (SWA). Valid insurance held.


The cards were really spot on and accurate to a situation which had occurred 24 hours earlier and was still occurring! The pyschic connection Jo tapped into with my husband was uncannily spot on, using exact words and vocab which had literally come out of my husband's mouth! Very astute reading of the situation in question and it was really useful to have some clarity on a situation and to back up my intuition I was already feeling about it.​

"I had Reiki before but was hesitant to try the distance healing session. But then I realized that I had nothing to lose by going to a session. I was nervous at first and unsure of the outcome. However I felt amazing after my first session  with Jo. She made me feel at ease. After my session I felt that my energy levels had risen and I was more excited about the future. Angel cards also answered my questions as I was feeling anxious about the future.

I would recommend working with Jo to anyone and everyone!"


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